Our Rivers with copious water have either run dry or have become gutters. Precious Thick green forests are vanishing fast. Our wild life is slowly dying. Is this the world we are leaving behind for our next generation? Choice is simple either we conserve the free gift of Mother Nature or leave behind a cursed hot, dry, oxygen less earth where coming generation will gasp desperately for fresh air. Technology will give everything but not oxygenised fresh air and bring back our forests and wildlife. Do you know, One elephant can consume 300 kg of vegetation along with a variety of seed and her dropping will spread this seed for a distance of 60 to 80 km daily. Which technology will sow seed so cost effectively and so organically? It is clear that we the supposedly most intelligent being in this globe have not learned our lesson and we are madly rushing towards self destruction , indifferent to the disaster in waiting for our children, grand children and great grandchildren. So it is imperative that we start conserving our resources, our water, our forest and our wildlife diligently and save it for our future generation. For a starter Let us use restored furniture visit www.restorex.in

Furniture Restoration

Bringing It Back To Life



If your furniture item requires physical structural replacement or reinforcement of parts or the whole of the original piece. We may add new materials, altered to appear aged, or use antique materials to improve the appearance of the repair. We preserve as much value of the original as possible.



This is a detail-oriented process designed to preserve as much of the original finish, and materials, as possible. We work hard to ensure that the item is restored as close to its original condition as possible.


Finish Restoration

Sometimes, all that’s needed is to restore a piece’s finish back to its original glory. Finish restoration involves re-emulsifying the original finish, either shellac or varnish. We begin with the removal of the dirt and grime accumulated over years of use. If the finish is very thin, additional layers of the same finish may be applied to bolster the restored finish and to ensure longevity.




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