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Our Story

We are RESTOREX.IN, the sister concern of M/s INTER DECO, a firm engaged in bank furnishing for the last thirty years, we are empanelled in most of the government undertaking and private banks including Reserve Bank of India on pan India basis.

We are also one of the largest destroyers of our natural forests. In our quest to expand business all over India, we have destroyed limitless quantum of forest to make furniture for a variety of Banks.

M/s RESTOREX.IN a web-based firm is incorporated as penance for the destruction we have unleashed in the last 30 years.

We redo old furniture, refresh old electrical fittings, Air Conditioning or any other material available in your store rooms and make it to suit your requirement, making it in such a manner that, your corporate colour/Identity/specification/ for the furniture or any other material is incorporated as far as possible in to the refreshed material and make it reusable thereby saving your precious resources and thereby saving the precious resources of mother earth.

Our firm is more relevant in today’s scenario of bank merger, where a large number of branches will be closed/relocated, and the furniture , electrical fittings and Air conditioners will be junked for lack of quality refurbishing agency.

We plan to provide this service on pan India basis. You are requested to upload the photographs and videos of the furniture available so that we can quote our best price, which will be invariably lesser than 50% of the cost of making new items.

Alternatively we also plan to buy old furniture lying in your stores and refurbish it to suit other clients at minimum possible cost.

The number of trees and other resources saved will be enormous all the while making a profit for your esteemed organization.

The work will be completed fast and the service will be efficient as we are using mostly existing material.

This is our small effort to save the dwindling forest, other natural resources and to reduce increasing pollution.